Immigration Gossip was created by attorney Micol Mion and her team at Immigration Solutions LLC to offer accessible, up-to-date immigration news and trends. Immigration Gossip is meant to be an informal channel of communication geared to help immigrants navigate and understand the complexities of the US immigration process.
It is not meant to furnish or supplant legal advice.

Meet Micol

Micol is an immigration attorney who has been practicing immigration law exclusively for the past 10 years. A native of Venice, Italy she is fluent in Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese. This is because she lived in different countries during her formative years. Micol loves helping people and has the ability to work almost 25 hours a day.

Meet Micol

Matthew (Matt) is an immigration attorney with a golden heart. A constant pessimist, Matt manages to get through each day with large quantities of coffee and a smoking addiction. Although, he studied Spanish and Russian he is unable to recall either language. Matt makes up his lack of foreign language skills by being the best writer and editor at the firm. Most importantly, Matt is the only US-born employee at our firm; our token American employee.


Nashrah is an immigration attorney from Bangladesh, who speaks Hindi, Urdu and Bangla. She is calm and rational and she concentrates her practice on Removal Defense in Immigration Court. Nashrah is the beneficiary of a successful H1B Visa Application.


Katarina is an immigration attorney who immigrated as a teenager to the US from Czechoslovakia. Many clients tend to fall in love with her. This trend has proven to be quite disruptive since clients prefer to communicate with her in person rather than the telephone. Perhaps we should invest in video-phones to improve the office’s traffic.


Jeanney is an immigration attorney from South Korea. She immigrated to the US with her parents at a young age. She concentrates her practice on business visas and employment based green cards. She is fluent in Korean. Jeanney is friendly, outgoing and a team player.


Ali has studied law both in France and in the US. He was born in Morocco and is a citizen of both Morocco and Spain, but he was educated in Francophone schools and completed University in Paris, France. Ali is fluent in Spanish, French and Arabic. He concentrates his practice in employment based visas and green card, EB-5 Investor’s Green Cards and Asylum. Within the office, he is also known to be the only person with good ideas.


Effie is a dual citizen of China and the United States. She immigrated to the US with her father through the EB-5 Investor’s Program. She is a hard worker armed with the patience of a saint. She is fluent in Mandarin.


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